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Modern technology is powerful – but is it always 100% safe? (Photo (cc) Ingo Bernhardt)

Is your home as safe as you’d like it to be?
Are you dealing with a chronic health issue?
Do you worry about your children’s future?

Common sense1 tells us that reducing our exposure to environmental stresses will give our bodies a better chance to be healthy & strong.

This is why we got involved in EMF testing – we figure life is hard enough without EMF pollution.  Modern technology is wonderful.  But unfortunately our electrical infrastructures, home wiring setups, modern appliances, and communications devices are not always designed with good health in mind.  In fact technology that could have been designed safely often wasn’t, and scientific research is quite convincing that degeneration and disease are more likely to plague us when we are not mindful of how we use electrical technology in our lives.  The following are strongly linked to EMF exposure:

  • Cancer, leukemia, tumors
  • Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), muscle tremors
  • ADHD, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, poor work performance, short-term memory problems, headaches.2
  • Cardiovascular disease, including as reduced ventricular capacity, reduced blood pressure

Since our bodies and our cells are electrical, this vulnerability to electromagnetic fields and signals is not surprising to many people.

Gas stoves make food taste better - but don't burn down your house!

When properly designed & used mindfully, gas stoves are brilliant – many swear they make the food taste better. (Photo (cc) sunshinecity)

A gas stove is a wonderful thing to have in a home but it requires mindfulness to prevent misfortune; so also with modern technology.  The difference is they add a scent to the gas to warn you if there’s a problem; with EMF, as of 2013 it’s all up to you – the industries involved may (perhaps understandably) not feel an incentive to warn you of potential dangers.3

The best way to know for sure what you are exposed to is to spend 45 minutes testing your home and then making specific fixes for any problems you may have – or hiring someone else to do this.  The test equipment I wanted for testing my own home cost close to a thousand dollars, plus time spent learning what to look for, what levels are dangerous, and what to do about it.  I figured the best way to justify this time and expense was to share the equipment and learning with others by testing their homes & businesses.

The goal, as I see it, is not “paranoia” or somehow avoiding all use of modern technology.  To me that is impractical and unnecessary.  The goal as I see it is: if you can reduce your exposure to cancer-causing4 EMF by up to 90% in one hour of your time, why not do it?

  1. and scientific research – we mention a handful of scientific studies linking EMF exposure to degenerative disease elsewhere on this site.
  2. See our scientific studies page for a sample of what we feel are well-designed studies.  We’ll be adding to this list over time, as there’s been a lot of studies done over the years.
  3. Corporate jobs – from CEO to janitor – tend to be focused on doing your assigned job well, helping to increase your company’s success in the marketplace, and not causing problems for others within your organization.  And a large portion of scientific research is funded by corporations.
  4. In a June 2011 announcement, the World Health Organization classified mobile devices as “possibly carcinogenic”.  Evidence that persuaded me of the link between EMF and disease is referenced on our website.